Alina Cojocaru and Steven McRae
© ROH/ Tristram Kenton

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High Yellow (1932)

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

Choreography by Buddy Bradley, with the assistance of Frederick Ashton
M Spike Hughes (1 Foreword 2 Sirocco 3 Six Bells Stampede 4 Elegy 5 Weary Traveller 6 Finale, from A Harlem Symphony)
S Vanessa Bell
C William Chappell

D Mammy: Ursula Moreton; Pappy: Hedley Briggs; Bambu (Their Son): Frederick Ashton; Mabel, Edna, Pansy and Ninon (His Sisters): Sheila McCarthy, Freda Bamford, Betty Cuff, Nadina Newhouse; Violetta and Cleo (His Sweethearts): Alicia Markova, Doris Sonne; Violetta's languishing friends: Beatrice Appleyard, Maude Lloyd, Elisabeth Schooling, Joy Newton, Felicity Andreae, Mary Skeaping, Joan Day; Cleo's gay friends: Ailne Phillips, Sylvia Willins, Laura Wilson, Kathleen Crofton, Andrée Howard, Dot Rickinson, Prudence Hyman; Joey and Eddy (Two Strangers): William Chappell, Walter Gore
FP Camargo Ballet, Savoy Theatre, London, 6 June 1932