Enigma Variations

Enigma Variations
James Wilkie and Jonathan Howells
© ROH/ Bill Cooper

The Owners of Frederick Ashton's ballets are the ballets' copyright holders, and so exercise full artistic and financial control over the work(s) they own. Since Ashton's ballets are protected under UK and international copyright law, performing an Ashton ballet or extract therefrom without the permission of the Owner is in breach of the law. Any company or individual wishing to perform one of Ashton's ballets or an extract therefrom must seek permission from the Owner.

Current Ashton Ballet Owners:

Frederick Ashton Foundation (Daphnis and Chlöe, Les Patineurs, Les Rendezvous)
Sir Anthony Dowell CBE (A Month in the Country, The Dream)
Tony Dyson (Enigma Variations, Monotones I and II)
Wendy Ellis-Somes (Cinderella, Symphonic Variations)
Jean-Pierre Gasquet (La Fille mal gardée)
Garry Grant (Façade)
Anthony Russell-Roberts CBE (all ballets not listed here - see www.ashtonballets.com)
Peter Schaufuss (Romeo and Juliet)
Rosita Arias de Vallarino (Ondine)

For further information, including how to get in touch with the Owners, please contact The Frederick Ashton Foundation.

Monotones 1

Monotones 1
David Trzensimiech, Emma Maguire, Akane Takada
© ROH/ Tristram Kenton