Alina Cojocaru and Steven McRae
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[The Town Talks] (1936)

Revue by Vivian Ellis and Arthur Macrae

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

Staged by Robert Nesbitt
Dances and ensembles by Freddie Carpenter
The Hat by Frederick Ashton
M Vivian Ellis
S Harry Clifford
C Felix Harbord, Kit Yorke, Nick Zuber, Adrian, Violet Norton, Charles Judd, et al

Players: June, Arthur Riscoe, Phyllis Stanley, George Benson
The Hat
Devised by Vivian Ellis
D The Vendeuse: June; The Customer: Gertrude Musgrove

FP Presented by André Charlot, Palace Theatre, Manchester, 26 February 1936; Vaudeville Theatre, London, 11 March 1936