Voices of Spring

Voices of Spring
Yuhui Choe and Alexander Campbell
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Ashton Symposium

On Sunday 22 September 2013, the Frederick Ashton Foundation hosted a one-day Symposium at the Royal Ballet School (Upper School) to mark the 25th anniversary of Sir Frederick Ashton's death.
Entitled Frederick Ashton: 21st-century choreographer?, the purpose of the Symposium was to celebrate the continuing power and ambition of Ashton's work, focusing on the role of Ashton today and into the future, the preservation of his work, and issues arising from the changing training and perceptions of today's dancers.

The programme and participants were:

0845 - 0930
Arrival and registration

0930 - 0935
Welcome and Introduction

0935 - 1015
Session 1: The continuing power and ambition of Ashton's work
Alastair Macaulay; Richard Alston

1015 - 1130
Session 2: What makes an Ashton work an Ashton work with Q&A
Geraldine Morris (movement style); Stephanie Jordan (music); Jane Pritchard (designs)

1130 - 1200
Tea/coffee break

1200 - 1300
Session 3: The changing training and perceptions of dancers with Q&A
Focus on Rhapsody. Lesley Collier, with Laura Morera and Francesca Hayward (plus Ricardo Cervera)

1400 - 1515
Session 4: Masterclass: The Dream
Antoinette Sibley and Anthony Dowell, with Akane Takada and Dawid Trzensimiech (plus Ricardo Cervera)

1515 - 1645
Session 5: Staging an Ashton ballet with Q&A
Iain Webb and Margaret Barbieri; Wendy Ellis-Somes and Malin Thoors; Desmond Kelly

1645 - 1715
Tea/coffee break

1715 - 1800
Session 6: Securing Ashton's legacy for the future. Panel discussion with Q&A
Christopher Cook (chair) with Alastair Macaulay, Richard Alston, Liz Cunliffe, Jeanetta Laurence, Christopher Nourse, Kevin O'Hare and Anthony Russell-Roberts

1800 - 1805

1805 - 1900
Drinks reception and departure

An article by Patricia Linton '21st-century choreographer?' offering her thoughts following the Symposium appeared in the December 2013 issue of Dancing Times. It is reproduced here by kind permission of the author and Dancing Times. PDF Click here

A film recording of the Symposium will be available on this site in due course.