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[Round About Regent Street] (1935)

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

Created, devised, and produced by George Black, assisted by Charles Henry
Dances and ensembles arranged by Frederick Ashton and J Sherman Fisher
Orchestrations and arrangements by Billy Ternent and Jock Premice
S G McConnell Wood, Alec Shanks, Max Weldy, and Harry Delvin
Players: Flanagan and Allen, Nervo and Knox, Naughton and Gold
(The Crazy Gang)
2 A Flower Market
C Max Weldy, from designs by Freddy Wittop
D Jeanne Devereaux
6 The Very Merry Widow
M Franz Lehár
C Max Weldy, from designs by Freddy Wittop
The Ambassador: Chesney Allen; The Secretary of State: Bud Flanagan; The Ambassador's Wife: Hannah Watt; Prince Danilo: Teddy Knox; The Widow: Jimmy Nervo; and ensemble
8 Olde London Towne: Buy My Cherries
M Roger McDougal
D The Cherry Maid: Jeanne Devereaux
12 Vauxhall Gardens, 1759
Vocalist: Bea Hunter; Prince Frederick: Syd Railton; Milady--, Friend of the Prince: Hannah Watt; Mâitre d'hôtel: Del Foss
"Poor Bride--Poor Groom" sung by the Crazy Gang and Company
"Love's Telegraph" sung by Adrian Burgess and Company
16 The Moth and the Flame
D The Moth: Jeanne Devereaux
Replaced in London by
The Lady in Red
M Mort Dixon and Allie Wrubel (from the film In Caliente, 1935)
D Jeanne Devereaux

FP Presented by George Black, Hippodrome, Brighton, 12 August 1935; London Palladium, 27 August 1935