Voices of Spring

Voices of Spring
Yuhui Choe and Alexander Campbell
© ROH/ Tristram Kenton

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'Ashton Rediscovered' masterclasses 2019-20

The 'Ashton Rediscovered' and 'Ashton Revisited' series of masterclasses features recreated, rarely performed and revisited works by Frederick Ashton, the masterclasses being given by original cast members or by later leading cast members. Introduced by Jane Pritchard MBE, Curator of Dance at London's Victoria & Albert Museum, and featuring dancers of The Royal Ballet, each masterclass includes an Introduction and Q&A and is followed by a reception. The masterclasses are normally filmed for educational and research purposes.

Two masterclasses were presented during 2019-20:

Foyer de danse (1932) with Ursula Hageli and Christopher Newton; and Le Papillon variation from Scène dansante (1975) with Wayne Eagling OBE, 27 October 2019

Foyer de danse: L'Etoile: Ginevra Zambon; Le Maître de ballet: Kevin Emerton; Les Coryphées: Madison Bailey, Annette Buvoli, Bomin Kim, Mariko Sasaki, Sumina Sasaki and Yu Hang. https://youtu.be/j2JcDjqjgOw

Le Papillon: Calvin Richardson https://youtu.be/NZOCwFKv1zk

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Voices of Spring (1977) with Dame Merle Park and Wayne Eagling OBE, 23 February 2020

Voices of Spring: Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Valentino Zucchetti (previously rehearsed by Christopher Saunders, Rehearsal Director, The Royal Ballet). https://youtu.be/uo1A73hPC8U

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