Alina Cojocaru and Steven McRae
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Les deux pigeons (The Two Pigeons) (1961)

An Allegory in two acts and three scenes, based on the fable by La Fontaine

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

M André Messager, arranged and partly orchestrated by John Lanchbery (ballet, 1886, with one number from Véronique, opéra-comique, 1898)
SC Jacques Dupont

D The Young Man: Christopher Gable; The Young Girl: Lynn Seymour; His Mother (renamed A Neighbour: 1974): Shirley Bishop; A Gypsy Girl: Elizabeth Anderton; Her Lover: Robert Mead; A Gypsy Boy: Johaar Mosaval; Two Old Gypsy Crones: Lorna Mossford, Valerie Deakin; Friends of the Young Girl, Gypsies, Sightseers: corps de ballet
FP Royal Ballet touring section, Royal Opera House, London, 14 February 1961

ST Royal Ballet
D The Young Man: Alexander Grant; The Young Girl: Lynn Seymour; A Gypsy Girl: Georgina Parkinson; Her Lover: Robert Mead; A Gypsy Boy: Laurence Ruffell
FP Royal Opera House, London, 16 October 1962

ST Royal Ballet School
D The Young Man: Graham Powell; The Young Girl: Lesley Collier; A Gypsy Girl: Margaret Barbieri; Her Lover: Nicholas Johnson; A Gypsy Boy: Wayne Sleep
FP Royal Opera House, London, 17 July 1965

ST Ballet for All; Act II pas de deux only
FP Playhouse, Walton-on-Thames, 18 January 1975

ST Birmingham Royal Ballet; R?
D The Young Girl: Dorcas Walters; The Young Man: Robert Parker; A Gypsy Girl: Asya Verzhbinsky; Her Lover: Joseph Cipolla
FP Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, 5 April 2000

By other companies:

NP CAPAB Ballet Company; R Faith Worth; SC Peter Rice
D The Boy: Gary Burne; The Girl: Phyllis Spira; Gypsy Girl: Janice Worth; Her Lover: John Simons
FP Civic Theatre, Belleville, South Africa, 19 October 1968

ST The Australian Ballet; R Robert Mead
D The Boy: Kelvin Coe; The Girl: Lucette Aldous; Gypsy Girl: Marilyn Rowe; Her Lover: Jonathan Kelly; Gypsy Boy: Paul Saliba
FP Opera House, Sydney, 30 April 1973

ST National Ballet of Canada; R Lynn Wallis
FP O'Keefe Center, Toronto, 28 February 1979

NP CAPAB Ballet Company; R Lynn Wallis and David Poole; SC Peter Cazelet
D The Young Man: Edward Greyling; The Young Girl: Phyllis Spira; A Gypsy Girl: Elizabeth Triegaardt; Her Lover: John Simons
FP Nico Malan Opera House, Cape Town, 28 March 1980

ST Houston Ballet; R Robert Mead (restaged 1992 by Lynn Seymour)
FP Jones Hall, Houston TX, 12 May 1983

ST Les Ballets de Monte Carlo; as Les deux pigeons; R Robert Mead
FP Opéra de Monte Carlo, Monaco, 18 April 1987

ST Ballet of the Teatro Regio; R Faith Worth
FP Teatro Regio, Torino, 18 January 1992

ST Noriko Kobayashi Ballet Theatre; R Denis Bonner
FP Tokyo, 17 October 1992

NP Ballet de Nice; as Les deux pigeons; R Faith Worth; SC Carlo Diappi
D La jeune fille: Elena Kniazkova; Le peintre: Wilfried Romoli; La gitane: Sylvie Sangiorgio; Le chef des gitans: Filippo Verdirosi; Le jeune gitan: Nicolas Blanc
FP Opéra de Nice, 8 December 1995

ST Hong Kong Ballet; R Faith Worth
FP Lyric Theatre, Hong Kong, 9 May 1996

ST Scottish Ballet; R Denis Bonner and Lesley Collier
D Young Girl: Sarah Wildor; Young Man: Ivan Dinev; Gypsy Girl: Lorna Scott; Her Lover: Luca Martini
FP Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 16 April 2002

ST National Ballet of Georgia; R Denis Bonner, Margaret Barbieri; SC Alexandre Vassiliev and David Monavardisashvili
D Young Girl: Nino Gogua; Young Man: Irakli Bakhtadze; Gypsy Girl: Lali Kandelaki; Her Lover: David Khozashvili
FP Tbili Z Palisashvili Opera and Ballet State Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia, 26 October 2006