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Monotones (1965/1966)

NB. When both pas de trois are performed together as 'Monotones', the running order is as appears below: Monotones II followed by Monotones I

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

Monotones (now known as Monotones II) Pas de trois
M Erik Satie, orchestrated by Claude Debussy and Roland- Manuel (Trois Gymnopédies, 1888)
D Vyvyan Lorrayne, Anthony Dowell, Robert Mead
FP Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, London, 24 March 1965

Monotones (now known as Monotones I) Pas de trois
M Erik Satie, orchestrated by John Lanchbery (Prélude d'Eginhard, 1893, and Trois Gnossiennes, 1890)
C Frederick Ashton*
D Antoinette Sibley, Georgina Parkinson, Brian Shaw
FP Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, London, 25 April 1966
*New C 13 March 1969; later reverted to the originals
(followed by the Monotones pas de trois created on 24 March 1965 - see above - now known as Monotones II)

ST Royal Ballet touring section
D Gnossiennes: Doreen Wells, Lucette Aldous, David Wall; Gymnopédies: Shirley Grahame, Hendrik Davel, Paul Clarke
FP Hessisches Staatstheater, Wiesbaden, 28 May 1968

ST Royal Ballet School
FP 28 May 1977

ST Ballet for All; Gymnopédies only
FP Wycliffe College, Stroud, 10 October 1978

By other companies:

ST Ballett der Deutschen Oper; R Robert Mead
FP Deutsche Oper, Berlin, 20 June 1971

ST Chicago Ballet; R Robert Mead
FP Hemmens Auditorium, Elgin IL, 9 February 1974

ST Joffrey Ballet; R Faith Worth
D Gnossiennes: Starr Danias, Rebecca Wright, Burton Taylor; Gymnopédies: Pamela Nearhoof, Kevin McKenzie, Robert Thomas
FP City Center Theater, New York NY, 11 October 1974

ST The Australian Ballet; R Robert Mead
D Gnossiennes: Maria Lang, Jan Blanch, Kelvin Coe; Gymnopédies: Marilyn Jones, John Meehan, Jonathan Kelly
FP Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, 18 July 1975

ST National Ballet of Canada; Gymnopédies only
FP O'Keefe Center, Toronto, 16 February 1977 (see below)

ST PACT Ballet; R John Field
FP Johannesburg, March 1977

ST National Ballet [of Canada] School; R Lynn Wallis
FP St Laurence Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, 27 April 1978

ST The Joffrey II Dancers; Gymnopédies only
FP Brooklyn College, Brooklyn NY, 10 October 1980

ST San Francisco Ballet; R Faith Worth; Gymnopédies only
FP Opera House, San Francisco CA, 27 January 1981

ST Ballet West; R John Hart
FP High School, Aspen CO, 30 July 1985; Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City UT, 20 September 1985

ST Ballet British Columbia; R Alexander Grant
FP 11 April 1986

ST Boston Ballet; Gymnopédies only; R Lynn Wallis and Alexander Grant
FP Wang Center, Boston MA, 30 March 1989

ST Scottish Ballet; R Lynn Wallis
FP His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, 15 August 1990

ST National Ballet of Canada; Gymnopédies only
FP O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, 3 May 1995

ST American Ballet Theatre's Studio Company; Gymnopédies only; R Lynn Wallis
FP Joyce Theater, New York NY, 30 March 2004

ST Royal Ballet/Paris Opera Ballet; Gymnopédies only; R Lynn Wallis
D Marie-Agnès Gillot, Federico Bonelli, Edward Watson
FP Entente Cordiale gala, Opéra National de Paris, Palais Garnier, 29 September 2OO4

ST Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company; Gymnopédies only
D Maria Kowroski, Edwaard Liang, Rubinald Pronk
FP City Center, New York NY, 1 October 2008