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[Giselle] (1960)

Ballet in two acts by Théophile Gautier and Vernoy de Saint-Georges, based on a theme by Heinrich Heine

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

Choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, revised by Marius Petipa, R Nicholas Sergeyev; production supervised and with additional choreography by Frederick Ashton, in collaboration with Tamara Karsavina
M Adolphe Adam and Friedrich Burgmüller, partly orchestrated by Robert lrving, Gordon Jacob, John Lanchbery, and Richard Temple Savage
SC James Bailey

D Giselle: Margot Fonteyn; Count Albrecht: Michael Somes; Berthe, Giselle's mother: Gerd Larsen; Hilarion: Leslie Edwards; Duke Courland: Derek Rencher; Bathilde: Julia Farron; Wilfred: Richard Farley; Peasant pas de deux (new woman's variation by Ashton): Maryon Lane, Brian Shaw; Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis: Anya Linden; Two Wilis: Georgina Parkinson, Christine Beckley; Villagers, Courtiers, Wilis, etc: corps de ballet
FP Royal Ballet, Metropolitan Opera House, New York NY, 30 September 1960; Royal Opera House, London, 4 April 1961

ST Royal Ballet touring section; D Giselle: Margot Fonteyn; Albrecht: Michael Somes; Peasant pas de deux: Lynn Seymour, Brian Shaw; Myrtha: Anya Linden
FP Festival Hall, Tokyo, 17 April 1961

NP Royal Ballet touring section; production by Peter Wright, with further additions by Frederick Ashton (but omitting some from the 1960 production, including the new variation in the Peasant pas de deux)
SC Peter Farmer
D Giselle: Doreen Wells; Albrecht: David Wall; Myrtha: Shirley Grahame
FP Royal Opera House, London, 16 May 1968

ST Royal Ballet; Tribute to Sir Frederick Ashton; woman's variation from the Peasant pas de deux only
D Ann Jenner
Royal Opera House, London, 24 July 1970

NP Royal Ballet; production by Norman Morrice
SC James Bailey (1951)
This production included the woman's variation in the Peasant pas de deux by Ashton (1960)
D Karen Paisey
FP Royal Opera House, 3 July 1980

NP Royal Ballet; production by Peter Wright
M orchestrated by Henri Busser (1924)
SC John F Macfarlane
This production included the woman's variation in the Peasant pas de deux by Ashton (1960)
D Wendy Ellis
FP Royal Opera House, 28 November 1985

By other companies:

NP State Ballet of Turkey; R Joy Newton and Dudley Tomlinson
D Giselle: Meriç Sümen; Albrecht: Sait Sömen; Peasant pas de deux: Binay Okurer, Selçuk Sayüner
FP National Theatre, Ankara, 22 October 1964