Alina Cojocaru and Steven McRae
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[After Dark] (1933)

Revue by Ronald Jeans

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

Devised and produced by Kenneth Duffield
Ballets by Frederick Ashton; dances and ensembles by Buddy Bradley
M Kenneth Duffield and Kenneth Leslie-Smith
S Aubrey Hammond

Players: Nelson Keys, Louise Browne, Roy Royston, Charles Heslop, Melville Cooper, Betty Davies, Betty Frankiss
The Orchid and the Cactus (Fahrenheit)
A Ballet by Robert Nesbit
M Peggy Cochrane
D The Orchid: Louise Browne; The Cactus: Harold Turner
Wall Street
A Ballet by Robert Nesbit
M Kenneth Leslie-Smith
D Harold Turner, Audrey Acland, Claude Newman, Douglas Phillips, John Gatrell, and Girls

FP Presented by John Merryman Ltd, Vaudeville Theatre, London, 6 July 1933